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Meet Paul R.K Mashauri: Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Mentor

Paul R.K Mashauri, an economist turned serial entrepreneur, speaker, and author, brings over 15 years of diverse sector experience. With a passion for mentoring, he has impacted thousands in the corporate world, featured on BBC, Voice of America, and CGTN. Discover his journey in the video.

"Experience Paul R.K Mashauri's inspired professional selling skills video in our AI-powered Sales Mastery Program. Elevate your sales game, transform your approach, and revolutionize your career today. Welcome to a paradigm shift in sales excellence. Join us now for unparalleled guidance and transformation. Our program caters to individuals and offers group coaching for corporate clients."

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Global Testimonials: Inspiring Voices from Around the World

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"Paul's guidance transformed my business. His wisdom is invaluable."

— Naledi M. - South Africa

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"Paul's insights revolutionized my approach. He's a true visionary in entrepreneurship."

— John D. - USA

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"Paul's mentorship elevated my career. His impact transcends borders, inspiring countless professionals."

— Abebe T. - Ethiopia

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1-Month Silver Package (Foundation Stage)

Group Price: $1,996 per person (Minimum 25 Pax: $79.84 per person)

  • AI-driven goal-setting for measurable targets.
  • Pain point identification with AI tools.
  • CRM implementation for informed understanding.
  • Social selling with AI algorithms.
  • Chatbots for instant responses.
  • Continuous education with AI platforms.
  • Time management tools and CRM basics training.

2-Month Gold Package (Advanced Stage)

Group Price: $3,596 per person (Minimum 25 Pax: $143.84 per person)

  • Advanced AI algorithms for nuanced patterns.
  • Lead scoring and interpretation training.
  • Collaborative tools enhanced by AI.
  • Negotiation role-play simulations with AI.
  • Customer journey mapping with AI.
  • Email personalization with AI.
  • In-depth sales management training.

3-Month Platinum Package (Full Program)

Group Price: $5,996 per person (Minimum 25 Pax: $239.84 per person)

  • Strategic partnerships identification with AI.
  • Continuous feedback with real-time analytics.
  • AI-driven tools for engaging digital presence.
  • Emotional intelligence training with AI.
  • AI-powered simulations for advanced problem-solving.
  • Comprehensive AI-driven analytics and evaluation.
  • Implementation of AI-supported innovation.
Ongoing Support and Improvement:

Individual Price: $796/month (after completion of the chosen package)
Group Price: $796 per person (Minimum 25 Pax: $31.84 per person)

Benefits:Continuous access to AI-powered learning.

  • Dedicated support with AI-driven chatbots.
  • Virtual check-ins with AI analytics.
  • Peer learning through AI-driven collaboration platforms.
  • Advanced coaching on emerging technologies.
  • AI-based performance dashboards.
  • Predictive analytics for proactive challenge resolution.
  • Personalized AI-driven recommendations.
  • Access to an AI-enhanced community forum.
  • Feedback loop with AI sentiment analysis.
  • Periodic workshops on new AI tools and technologies.

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