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Pasua Kichwa-Empower Change

Our mission is to foster critical thinking, collaboration, and innovation to address pressing challenges and drive positive change across sectors

3 Episodes/3 Weeks-Partnership Package -Silver Plus Partner

Step into the forefront of change with Empower Change, spearheaded by Clouds Media Group, MasterClass Worldwide, and the Institute of Directors-Tanzania. Our multimedia platform "PASUA KICHWA" is your gateway to fostering critical thinking, collaboration, and innovation. Sponsor us to make a profound impact and shape a brighter tomorrow.

"Empower Change: Sponsor Today!"

"Partner with Empower Change to drive innovation and collaboration across sectors. Sponsor our transformative initiatives and shape a brighter future for all. Join us now!"

"Lead the Change: Sponsor Empowerment with Pasua Kichwa

Dialogue for Action:

Empower Change & Pasua Kichwa ignite innovation through dynamic dialogues. Support our vision for impactful solutions by sponsoring collaboration.

Productivity & Inclusivity:

Join our mission for inclusive growth. Empower Change & Pasua Kichwa drive productivity through diverse collaborations, with your sponsorship fueling our efforts.

Sector Networking:

Connect sector leaders at our 5-star hotel events. Your sponsorship amplifies collaboration for global impact, fostering connections crucial for driving change.

Public-Private Partnerships:

Unlock opportunities with Empower Change & Pasua Kichwa. Your sponsorship fosters collaborations shaping Tanzania's future through vital public-private partnerships."

"Empower Change: Transforming Tanzania through Sponsorship"

"Unlock Tanzania's potential through sponsorship with Empower Change and Pasua Kichwa. Foster collaboration among key sectors for growth and prosperity. Contact MasterClass Worldwide for sponsorship opportunities."

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Silver Plus Package-PASUA KICHWA Dialogue TV Show-Empowering Change in Tanzania Live on TV and Social Media-3 Episodes/3 Weeks-Partnership Package -Silver Plus Partner

  • Branding and Logos Experience
  • Recognition as a Silver Sponsor.
  • Networking opportunity.
  • Access to networking events and engagement with industry stakeholders.
  • 1 TVCs on the program,
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  • 5 days promo pusher
  • Intro and Outro                                                     
  • Three Weeks