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Empower Change & Pasua Kichwa


Welcome to Empower Change, a collaborative initiative led by Clouds Media Group, MasterClass Worldwide, and the Institute of Directors-Tanzania, anchored by the multimedia platform "PASUA KICHWA."

Our mission is to foster critical thinking, collaboration, and innovation to address pressing challenges and drive positive change across sectors. Join us in creating a more sustainable and prosperous future for all by participating in multi-sectoral dialogue, workshops, and practical sessions.

Collaborate with us to bridge gaps and build futures. Contact us at or visit to get involved. Together, let's empower change and shape a brighter tomorrow.

Be the change

Dialogue for Action:

Foster innovation through diverse dialogues. Empower Change & Pasua Kichwa inspire collaboration, driving impactful solutions.

Productivity & Inclusivity:

Join our mission for inclusive growth. Empower Change & Pasua Kichwa drive productivity through diverse collaborations.

Sector Networking:

Connect sector leaders, Tanzanian and foreign, at our 5-star hotel events. Amplify collaboration for global impact.

Public-Private Partnerships:

Unlock opportunities with Empower Change & Pasua Kichwa. Foster collaborations shaping Tanzania's future through public-private partnerships.

Our Partners

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"Tanzania's Sectoral Synergy: Empower Change & Pasua Kichwa"

Empower Change and Pasua Kichwa foster collaboration among vital Tanzanian sectors, ensuring growth, sustainability, and prosperity. Contact MasterClass Worldwide for more details

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