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Welcome to Mambo ya Fedha and Money Roundtable! Join us in shaping the future of finance through insightful discussions, expert insights, and global networking opportunities. Elevate your financial knowledge, engage with industry leaders, and access global investment avenues.

Experience live broadcasts, explore emerging trends, and forge strategic partnerships. Celebrate excellence in the financial industry with our annual awards. Take the first step towards becoming a leader in the global financial community.

Visit to apply for membership and unlock a world of opportunities with Mambo ya Fedha and Money Roundtable. Let's shape the future of finance together!

"Unlock Your Financial Potential with Mambo ya Fedha"

"Revolutionize your financial future with Mambo ya Fedha Financial Literacy Program. Join us for dynamic events and activations nationwide, including townhall gatherings, street activations, mobile apps, and financial services marketplace. Take charge of your finances today!"

"Empowerment Through Financial Inclusion"

"Empowerment: Mambo ya Fedha and Money Roundtable foster financial inclusion, boosting productivity and Government revenue via an expanded tax base. Collaboration and Insight drive actionable solutions, alleviating poverty and transforming lives. Join us to explore, engage, and transform your financial future today!"

"Empowerment Through Collaboration, Insight, Action"

1. Empowerment

  • Financial education empowers individuals.
  • Access to resources and knowledge.
  • Leads to informed decision-making.
  • Result: Increased financial independence and security.

2. Collaboration

  • Partnerships with stakeholders and experts.
  • Exchange of ideas and solutions.
  • Collective efforts drive systemic change.
  • Result: Enhanced impact and reach.

3. Insight

  • Expert-led discussions and panels.
  • In-depth analysis of financial topics.
  • Provides clarity and understanding.
  • Result: Better-informed decisions and strategies.

4. Action

  • Implementing solutions from insights.
  • Translating knowledge into practical steps.
  • Drives positive change in financial behaviors.
  • Result: Tangible improvements in financial well-being.

Our Partners

"Money Roundtable: Shaping Finance Futures"

"Join Money Roundtable: Elevate Your Financial Acumen, Engage with Global Leaders, Access Investment Opportunities, Stay Informed. Shape the Future of Finance Today!"


Welcome to Money Roundtable, where we gather the brightest minds, influential leaders, and industry experts to revolutionize the world of finance. Here's why you should join us:

  1. Elevate Your Financial Knowledge:
  • Gain exclusive access to monthly breakfast dialogue sessions led by industry experts.
  • Dive deep into policy debates, market insights, and emerging trends.
  1. Engage with Global Leaders:
  • Participate in panel discussions and presentations featuring renowned financial experts.
  • Expand your network and engage in meaningful conversations with industry leaders.
  1. Access Global Investment Opportunities:
  • Explore a wide range of investment avenues through our exchange programs and partnerships.
  • Discover new opportunities in emerging markets and beyond, from stocks to alternative investments.
  1. Stay Informed with Multi-Channel Broadcasting:
  • Experience live broadcasts of Money Roundtable sessions on Clouds TV, radio, and social media.
  • Engage in real-time discussions, ask questions, and stay updated on the latest trends.
  1. Forge Global Partnerships:
  • Collaborate with global financial institutions, fintech companies, and regulatory bodies.
  • Establish strategic partnerships that drive innovation and growth in the financial sector.
  1. Recognize Excellence:
  • Join us in celebrating excellence within the financial industry through our annual awards.
  • Honor individuals and organizations making outstanding contributions to innovation and social impact.

Embark on a Journey of Financial Enlightenment

Now is your chance to be part of a dynamic community dedicated to shaping the future of finance. Join Money Roundtable today and unlock a world of opportunities to expand your knowledge, network, and investment portfolio.

Visit to apply for membership and take the first step towards becoming a leader in the global financial community with Money Roundtable by Mambo ya Fedha. Let's shape the future of finance together!

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