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Paul R.K Mashauri-A Brief Profile

Paul's Top 10 Speaking Themes

  1. Leadership and Management
  2. Innovation, Technology, Startup & Ai
  3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  4. Wellness & Mental Health
  5. The Economy, Future Trends & Industry Disruption
  6. Communication and Collaboration
  7. Resilience and Adaptability
  8. Sales & Customer Excellence
  9. Lifestyle & Culture
  10. Personal Finance & Retirement Planning

"Paul, a seasoned leader and entrepreneur, brings practical insights to global events, corporate clients, and media outlets. Elevate your event with his impactful experiences and dynamic expertise." Book Paul, for your next event:

Leading Change

Paul R.K Mashauri, CEO of MasterClass Worldwide and former President of the East Africa Speakers Bureau (EASB), delivers a warm welcome at the inaugural event of the Tanzania Responsible Business Network (TRBN) under the UN Global Compact. Witness the launch by Mr. Ali Mufuruki, former Chairman of the CEO Roundtable, Tanzania.

East Africa's Cinematic Frontier: Paul Mashauri Speaks

"Watch Paul Mashauri as he shares insights on East Africa's film industry and its future on Voice of America. Discover the challenges, opportunities, and exciting prospects shaping the cinematic landscape in the region. Dive in for an enlightening discussion!"

"Media Mastery & Leadership Insights"

In this video, Paul Mashauri engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Azim Jamal, renowned speaker and executive coach, on media handling and leadership.

Sales Mastery

Unlock your sales potential with Paul R.K Mashauri's training video on Professional Selling Skills. Elevate your approach, close more deals, and skyrocket your career with proven strategies from a master. Transform your sales game today!

Brand Voice

Paul R.K Mashauri's brand voice seamlessly blends authority, humor, practicality, research-backed insights, and versatility, forging a memorable, impactful experience. He emerges as a respected figure in entrepreneurial leadership and executive coaching.

Trusted by

"Unveiling Paul"

"Discover the multitalented Paul! Beyond his career, he's a musical force with 7 albums and 52 soul-stirring tracks. His melodies resonate with inspiration and faith, available on Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music. Experience his patriotic anthem 'Jambo Tanzania' and let his music uplift your spirit today!"

Empowering Change

"Embrace change with Paul, a dedicated advocate for transformational film. As a producer and actor, he's behind powerful stories like 'One Month Date,' tackling social taboos faced by African single mothers, and 'Maisha ni Ni Siasa,' revealing the impact of social media on African politics".

Igniting Excellence: Inspiring Success Stories from Paul R.K Mashauri's Visionary Leadership

Artboard 1

"Paul's guidance unified our team, boosting innovation and collaborative success. A game-changer for us."

— Vodacom Management Team Building

Artboard 1

"Paul's fraud star profile talk was enlightening, significantly enhancing our strategic risk management approaches."

— KPMG Executive Talk with Bank CEOs

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"His tailored advice revolutionized our approach to finance, ensuring a secure, well-planned future for employees."

— Tanzania Port Authority on Personal Finance and Retirement Planning

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